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Powering world-class tech solutions and services in IT and digital payment across 3 continents.


Africa continues to surf on a massive transformative wave driven by technology, with fintech and digital innovation leading the charge. As the digital landscape evolves, so do the opportunities for growth and empowerment. Join us in envisioning a future where technological advancements, particularly in fintech and IT, play a pivotal role in building a prosperous Africa. Explore with us the boundless possibilities that connectivity, digital payments, and innovation hold for shaping a thriving and inclusive continent.

Cavista Tech

Cavista Technology is a global player in software engineering and development.

Our dynamic team comprises hundreds of engineers, software developers and industry experts working in six countries, and crafting innovative solutions for companies such as Axxess – the leading home healthcare technology company in the US.

Driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, the team is now poised to reshape the digital landscape in Africa and the rest of the world.


With 5 products, 9 major partners and 100+ agent networks in Africa’s most populous country, PayZeep (formerly Paymi Solutions) is poised to revolutionize Nigeria’s vibrant digital payment industry.

Backed by the financial strength, technical know-how and operational support of Cavista Holdings, PayZeep provides a diverse range of payment solutions and terminal services, and is set to redefine agency banking, by targeting the untapped market of the unbanked and underbanked